Group Health Cooperative – Discontinued plans? | Medicare Open Enrollment Period

Customers of Group Health Cooperative’s Medicare Advantage plan received letters early in October announcing that their plans have been discontinued. While this is a factual statement, it doesn’t tell the rest of the story. Many Medicare Advantage plan choices are available this year, and brand new Group Health plans are now available for you to [...]

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Large Number of Americans Are Uninsured

With the anticipation of the upcoming final implementation of the Affordable Care Act, communities nationwide are analyzing the numbers of Americans likely to enter the medical insurance market in January 2014. New studies suggest that nearly half of working adults were uninsured for at least a portion of 2012, according to the Commonwealth Fund and [...]

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Fewer Deaths with Expanded Medicaid, Per Study

According to a study released in July, states that expanded their medicaid coverage saw a distinct drop in the overall death rate for people age 20 to 64. The Harvard University study, as reported in Businessweek, analyzed death rates in three states – New York, Arizona, and Maine – that broadened their Medicaid coverage in [...]

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What About Disability Insurance?

Although there are regulations requiring auto, home owners, and (starting in 2014) medical insurance, disability insurance is often overlooked. According to government studies, “a 20-year-old worker has a 30 percent chance of becoming disabled before reaching full retirement age,” per today’s Associated Press, as published in the Washington Post. Disability insurance is designed for either [...]

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81% of Employers Expect to Maintain Group Coverage Moving Forward

As we approach January of 2014, there are many unknowns about the effect that Healthcare Reform will have on individuals and businesses. However, a new survey by the consulting firm Deloitte predicts that nearly 10% of employers anticipate dropping their group medical insurance over the next three years. Although that number sounds daunting, keep in [...]

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Price Drop Anticipated on Some Popular Brand Name Prescriptions

One of the most expensive aspects of many people’s healthcare is their prescription costs. As copays have climbed in recent years, individuals with high prescription usage have felt more of the burden of high costs for brand name medications. Just like other products, new medications are produced under patent when they are first introduced. That [...]

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Rate Increase Delays in California

rate increase delays in California California based insurer Blue Shield announced recently that it would delay their rate hike scheduled for March 1, 2011 for an additional 60 days. This announcement marked Blue Shield joining a few other insurers in delaying their rate hikes at the request of the insurance commissioner, according to the Huffington [...]

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Wallace Rice Benefits, LLC Achieves A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Today, Wallace Rice Benefits, LLC announces its commitment to marketplace ethics by earning a/an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. As a BBB Accredited Business, Wallace Rice Benefits LLC has met BBB's Code of Business Practices and has agreed to maintain honest and reliable business practices. "Better Business Bureau sets and upholds the highest standards [...]

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AWB Announces Rate Decreases for Small Groups

In this tumultuous time of healthcare reform and some substantial rate increases, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. A recent announcement, though, should brighten the spirits of small business owners looking to insure their employees. Not only do many small businesses qualify for the new tax credit, but the Association of Washington Business (AWB) has announced [...]

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