When it comes to income protection – Disability Insurance can be a crucial but often overlooked key to financial stability.

That’s likely because many people think a disabling illness or injury will never happen to them. But according to a Life Happens survey, a person has a three in 10 chance of suffering a disabling illness or injury that would keep them out of work for three months or more during their career. Would you gamble on those odds if your current income was at stake? Would your loved ones?

As you may be aware, May is disability insurance awareness month. During the month, the entire disability insurance industry is doubling down on their efforts to help both advisors and consumers understand the importance of income protection.

Four easy steps to participate in Disability Insurance Awareness Month

  1. Make sure your personal disability insurance plan is up to date
  2. Review your disability security plan – or create one, if you haven’t done so yet
  3. Visit the council for disability awareness website – disabilitycanhappen.org
  4. Visit the International DI Society website – internationaldisociety.com

Many people believe that they don’t need disability insurance coverage and rely on L&I alone. However, L&I only covers for disabling illnesses and injuries that occur on the job, while most occur elsewhere but still affect your ability to work.

When I pay my premium every month for my personal coverage, I know in my heart that I am protecting my wife and children from a life of hardship because I didn’t think about how to protect them.

This month we hope to remind and encourage you to think about the importance of protecting your income. We have resources at hand to help you should you wish to review your disability insurance options.


With kindest regards,


Keith Wallace