Affordable Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Broker and Client Advocate

Choosing and purchasing a health insurance plan or policy from a health insurance broker is much different than buying auto, home or life insurance. Because your and your family’s health can change quickly, your insurance needs and agent support can be more involved and in-depth than the support required for other types of insurance. Most of the work done by your health insurance broker is done after the policy is signed because your agent remains your advocate and works with your health insurance company to get you the best coverage and claim assistance. Some of the things Wallace Rice Benefits does for our Health Insurance clients include:

    • Assist with claim issues, which can include writing letters to physicians and hospitals and gathering and assembling any required documentation to help resolve claims.
    • Negotiate rates for employers.
    • Explain and educate employees on health insurance plan designs, benefits and options.
    • Help resolve billing issues.
    • Assist with COBRA coverage for eligible beneficiaries following the loss of a job.

A Health Insurance Broker also represents more than one health insurance Company and understands the complexities and benefits of each company and the individual plans they offer. Wallace Rice Benefits is knowledgeable and experienced in all the plans and policies we carry. We are actively involved in the Washington Health Benefit Exchange and stay current on changes and updates within the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We provide ACA approved plans from 5 carriers, providing our clients with several options and health insurance plans to choose from that fit within their budgets and coverage needs.

Trust in the experienced health insurance broker team at Wallace-Rice Benefits for local, compassionate and quality health insurance brokerage services. We’ll walk you, your family or company through the health insurance plan buying process, and we’ll be there as your advocate after the policies are signed.