Affordable Dental Insurance Plans

When you need to visit a dentist for more than routine care it is important to understand exactly what benefits you have access to. Many individual dental insurance plans are available, but most require waiting periods before coverage for major services can be accessed. The benefits team at Rice Insurance can help you interpret the details and help you choose the most cost-appropriate option.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Just like your medical plan, a dental insurance plan can also include deductibles, copays and coinsurance. Enrollees in dental insurance receive specified dental benefits at reduced cost, or for a flat fee copay. Services covered usually include twice annual cleanings, x-rays, and other preventive services that maintain ongoing dental health. Non-routine procedures such as crowns or root canals usually require extensive waiting periods before any benefits will pay out from the plan.

Dental insurance plans typically require at least a year’s commitment to enroll.

Waiting periods and benefit maximums embedded in dental plans can sometimes surprise first-time buyers. Before buying Dental Insurance, consider the following:

  • What services are excluded?
  • Which dentists can be seen?
  • Is there a limit to how much this plan will pay?
  • How does the expense of paying for dental services without insurance compare to the costs with dental insurance?

Medicare and Dental Insurance Plans

Medicare does not cover routine dental care services. There are however some Medicare Advantage plans that provide basic dental care like cleaning and screenings. Individuals can also contact dentists directly and ask if they cover Medicare clients.

Children’s Dental Coverage – is it required?

The short answer is – Yes.  Children’s dental is not always embedded in a medical plan, but it is required to be provided to children under age 18 per the Affordable Care Act. If you purchase your medical coverage on Washington Healthplanfinder, the website will prompt you to select a pediatric dental plan after you have selected your medical coverage.